Hi! I’m Angelo Luciani. I’m the community evangelist over at Nutanix, and always accessible by email aluciani – at – gmail – dot – com. Thanks for stopping by the blog.

As a technology evangelist, I believe in the power of data to tell a story. Business success relies on telling that truly dynamic story creating interactions that excite engage, and solidify customer loyalty.

The global IT marketplace is constantly changing, and leaders in the industry need to be able to react swiftly to consumer demands to overcome challenges and help businesses not only survive but thrive.

You + Us = Community

As a highly skilled industry professional and enthusiastic advocate of technology, I enjoy connecting with people where they reside online — through dedicated user groups, blogs, podcasts, and other multimedia experiences. I also revel in the opportunity to interact at industry conferences and events, building communities that are increasingly interconnected.

Leading with an emphasis on collaboration, empowering teams and embracing different perspectives to propel projects forward is what I enjoy. I am proud to be known as a good listener, a hard worker who is responsible and loyal. These qualities have driven the trajectory of career and have helped me to accomplish both personal and business goals.

My analytical skills have proven to be a very useful asset in mastering the latest technologies. It also gives me valuable perspective when it comes to decision making and tackling challenges with a precise and efficient approach.

The energy of start-ups is exciting to me, and my role as a Community Manager at Nutanix has broadened my opportunities to excel. My work as a co-founder with Virtual Design Master, the first online IT reality show, has connected me to a vast global community — and provided unique challenges and much satisfaction.

I was also recently named to the The Top 50 Overall VMware Influencers by the Influence Marketing Council.

An experienced IT and Communications professional, my core competencies include Technology Deployment, Company Growth, Community Building, Content Creation, Product Marketing, and more.

I hope to meet you in person and continue the conversation we have online.