There is no disputing the fact that Trello is one of the best productivity and project management tools out there. Use it correctly, and your team’s task management, collaboration, and coordination will dramatically improve. On a personal level, Trello is indispensable for procrastinators and disorganized individuals looking for a way to set and achieve their goals.

However, Trello is more than just a task management app. We use numerous apps every day to process and store data, communicate with other people, and carry out different tasks. Therefore, we have to integrate these apps with Trello to bring out its full potential. Trello can be successfully incorporated into most apps.

Integrations: Trello with IFTTT and Zapier

These are web-app automation tools which connect, sync and use data between all your web applications. Using these two will help you integrate most apps, including Gmail, Harvest, GitHub, Slack, and Siri with Trello.

Although they are not Trello integrations by themselves, Zapier and IFTTT have an extensive list of Trello recipes from where you can integrate Trello with other apps. Both of them are equally good, so browse through their Trello recipes to decide which one you like best.

Here are the top 5 Trello app integrations that will significantly increase your productivity:

1. PomoDone

The ability to stick to a set schedule and deliver projects on time is the key to success. Although Trello sends email notifications when you plan tasks, it does not help you with time management as you carry out your project. Adding a timer to Trello makes a big difference by integrating time management skills into Trello’s project management capability.

There are different timer apps that you can add to Trello, but Harvest and PomoDone are top of the list. PomoDone has the advantage of bringing the Pomodoro time management technique into your project, which will greatly enhance your productivity by dividing tasks into smaller intervals separated by short breaks.

Your Trello tasks will be automatically added and synced with the PomoDone app.

2. Gmail for Trello

Keeping track of all the emails you receive is a tough task, especially when you have to compose and reply to tens of them during a busy workday. You can make it easier to manage your email communications by adding this valuable extension to your Chrome browser. Gmail for Trello will automatically turn your emails into tasks in Trello, where you can set priorities, schedule replies and add their contents to your to-do lists.

3. Gantiffy

Gantt charts are a very useful productivity enhancing tool. They are ideal for project management tasks since they can be used to improve communication, and track results. These charts create a visual overview of your projects, helping you to view milestones and manage time-based tasks more effectively.

This capability can be integrated with Trello by Gantiffy. This app can convert Google calendars, Basecamp projects, and even Trello boards into Gantt charts.

4. Bookmarklet Maker

Too often, we bookmark a web page and never remember to go back to it. There is a good reason why we bookmark particular web pages and not others; the information we find in them is of high value, and we want to store it for future use. When you are in a rush or happen to stumble upon vital information, bookmarking is the best way to archive that information.

The Bookmarklet Maker Trello integration lets you add every bookmark as a card to Trello by clicking a button on your toolbar. All web pages will be saved automatically in a board in Trello. You can then create and schedule tasks around them, which will motivate you to make better use of your bookmarks.

5. Taco for Chrome

Taco is an excellent integration that can keep you focused on your Trello tasks. It puts your Trello to-do lists on your Chrome new tab page so you just cannot ignore them.

Keeping Trello’s visual reminders even closer to you will make it more likely to complete them and achieve your goals. You can also add the Tab for Trello extension to your OS X menu bar. Which provides for easier access and use of your Trello tasks.

These five integrations can help you harness the enormous potential that Trello has as a project management and productivity enhancing tool.

Do you have any favorite chrome or app integrations you can share with the community? Add them in the comments below and thanks for reading.