6 Sizzling Networking and Data Center Skills Set to Dominate 2024

If you are in the technology space, one thing is for sure, it's constantly changing.

It's important to stay informed and to show your IT leadership team that you are in tune with the latest trends. In addition, it's essential to stay marketable. What are those in demand skills for the next decade?

Bob Violino writes in [NetworkWorld] 1

If I had to choose one, and I would lean toward platform engineering. I think this is where you will show the most value to the IT leadership team. It's also the one that is most rounded, as you will be engaging with tech and business folks.

It enhances developer experience and productivity by providing self-service capabilities with automated infrastructure operations, Gartner says. Platform engineering is on the rise in part because of its promise to accelerate the delivery of value by product teams. It also falls in line with the pattern of opening up technical work and knowledge across a broad set of roles and functions, it says.

But any one of the six is a great place to start a career transition, there is no right or wrong answer. There is a lot of content on YouTube that can get you started with any one of the six. Just be careful you don't get caught in the YouTube rabbit hole, remember to stay on topic.