A New Way to Install Apps: Flatpak and Snap

Installing software from the command line can be quick. There are times when you may miss a dependency or two. Snap and Flatpak can help to make the process easy.

Jack Wallen writes at ZDNET

One of the reasons why Snap and Flatpak were developed was to remove the dependency issues found with traditional package managers. You see, both Snap and Flatpak packages contain all the software necessary to install the package in question, including dependencies. So, when you go to install a certain piece of software via either Snap or Flatpak, you don’t have to worry about installing dependencies because the developer of the Snap or Flatpak package has taken care of that for you.

Snap and Flatpak can also access proprietary software and make installing them easier. For those of you that like using the GUI, Snap, and Flatpak might be ideal for you.