Apple's Latest iOS Update Takes Security to the Next Level

I think this update from Apple to iOS is wonderful.

In case you missed it, iOS 17.3 will include a feature called Stolen Device Protection. The motive behind this is to make it more difficult for someone to take over your phone.

Wes Davis writes on The Verge

If you decide to turn Stolen Device Protection on, you’ll have to use Face ID or Touch ID to do things like apply for a new Apple Card, erase the phone entirely, or access your iCloud Keychain. And if you want to do something like change your Apple ID password, add another face or fingerprint for biometric authentication, or turn off Find My, you have to wait an hour after authenticating with your face or fingerprint, then re-authenticate using Face ID or Touch ID again to make those changes, unless you’re at a frequently visited location like home or work, where there’d be no delay.

If you have downloaded iOS 17.3 you should consider enabling this feature.