Badge of Honor: Celebrating AI-Free Content Rebels

I was reading a blog post recently and noticed a badge at the end of the post. It was 'written by human not by AI'. That caught my attention and so I clicked the badge and it took me to the website notbyai

Their mission:

The Not By AI badges are created to encourage more humans to produce original content and help users identify human-generated content. The Ultimate goal is make sure humanity continues to advance.

I think this is a good idea and something I am considering adding to my posts. They even provide guidance on who can use the badge, just follow 'The Not By AI 90% Rule".

Understanding that there is a blurred line between what is considered AI-generated vs human-generated, if you are a content creator, such as a writer, researcher, artist, music producer, sound designer, or filmmaker, or a business that provides creative content, and you estimate that at least 90% of your content is created by humans, you are eligible to add the badge into your website, blog, art, film, essay, publications, resume, or whatever your project is. The 90% can include using AI for inspiration purposes, supporting legal documents such as privacy policies (assuming that legal is not the main focus of your content or service), non-user facing content such as SEO meta tags or code, to look for grammatical errors and typos, and to translate content.

Hoping to see this badge appear on more sites. This also applies to artists and producers.