Basecamp Integrations for Productivity

Basecamp is one of the best productivity tools available today. Formerly known as 37 Signals, Basecamp is different from other cloud-based productivity tools due to its simplicity and ease of use. Basecamp makes it much easier to organize projects, set goals, track the progress of a team and above all, increase productivity and collaboration. With Basecamp, organizations no longer require endless meetings or back and forth emails to collaborate and communicate when working on a project.


Add-ons increase the utility of Basecamp

Although some might prefer the extensive features in alternative apps such as Trello,  no app,  no matter how great, is perfect.  Every cloud-based productivity platform depends on integrations, add-ons, and other apps to unleash its full potential. Basecamp is no different.

The latest version of the app,  Basecamp 3, follows the minimalist mantra of previous releases.  Despite the revamp,  Basecamp 3 sticks to the developers’ aim to include only the most essential features that work for everyone.  The numerous add-ons available on the extras menu have fortunately compensated for the lack of advanced features found in other apps. These third-party integrations offer different features including analytics, mobility, and backup.

5 Basecamp add-ons to increase productivity

The type of add-ons you decide to use with Basecamp will depend on your specific requirements. With a wide selection available, picking the right Basecamp integrations to suit your needs is paramount.

However,  here are the top 5 Basecamp add-ons that are truly indispensable:


Any project management guru knows how useful Gantt Charts can be.  Developed over two centuries ago Gantt charts are necessary for tracking project schedules.  It is a fantastic tool that enables you to see all your project tasks as they relate to set timelines or milestones. It allows you to understand the dependencies within your team and quickly identify and remove bottlenecks.

You can now convert your Basecamp task lists into intuitive Gantt charts by using Ganttify.  All it takes are three simple steps. Just go to Ganttify and create an account and once logged in,  authorize the Basecamp integration. You can then go to your Basecamp project and select the one you would like to turn into a Gantt chart. What’s more,  this integration service is completely free of charge.

Easy Insight

One integration that significantly improves productivity and efficiency in Basecamp is Easy Insight. Basecamp lacks a comprehensive reporting feature that can convert the data from Basecamp projects into highly visual charts and graphs. Easy Insight allows you to collect and consolidate data to create custom reports,  which can help you analyze productivity and improve efficiency.  The add-on is simple to use since you can drag and drop to create reports or export them to Excel, PDF,  and other formats.


We all use a multitude of applications to conduct business,  communicate,  store information or carry out tasks.  Zapier is the ideal Basecamp integration to automate all your project management tools such as Evernote and Trello, email services, Facebook, Google Calendar, or Google Sheets together with Basecamp.  Zapier facilitates integration with hundreds of online apps, making it the perfect add-on if you are looking to get more productivity out of Basecamp.  Sign up is free,  although some third-party apps may require a subscription before you can integrate them with Basecamp.


One essential pillar of goal setting and productivity is time management.  You cannot increase efficiency and complete tasks on time if you cannot keep track of time.  Basecamp lacks a native time tracking feature, a problem easily solved by numerous integrations available from third parties.  One useful add-on is TimeCamp, which goes further than just adding a timer to every task and calculating how long you spent to complete it.

TimeCamp also allows you to track billable hours on every project with a graphical timescale.  Furthermore, you can use it to monitor productivity, manage time off and keep an eye on attendance.  You can also create invoices for clients within Basecamp.  Unlike other time tracking integrations such as Tick,  TimeCamp has a free version,  and the premium version only costs you $9 per month.

Bridge 24

Many apps such as Basecamp can be a bit rigid when it comes to manipulating data within them. Bridge 24 allows you to gain greater control of Basecamp data without compromising it.  It gives you the ability to view your data in Kanban board view,  Calendar view or Grid view.  You can also export Basecamp data to CSV or Excel format. The live connectivity between the two apps is seamless and ensures that you are using the most up-to-date data at all times.

These 5 Basecamp integrations will go a long way to boosting productivity and teamwork in your projects.  With these add-ons,  Basecamp transforms into a fantastic productivity tool.

Have you used Basecamp? Do you have any tips that could benefit the community, let me know on Twitter and thanks for reading.