Beyond Binary: The Duel of Titans – OpenAI GPT-4 vs Groq Mixtral-8x7b

A nice summary and comparison between OpenAI GPT-4 and Groq Mixtral-8x7b. Groq seems to be a winner in the speed arena. The comparison charts show a real difference.

Terry Tan writes for SerpApi

A few months ago, we ran a benchmark on a traditional parser and Mistral 7B (Open Source LLM). The quality of the parsed result from Mistral 7B is quite impressive given it is only 7B parameters. One thing we weren't satisfied with is the processing time. Recently, I stumbled upon Groq who set the mission to revolutionize inference speed. They developed a chip for inference and they called it the Language Processing Unit (LPU). I have tested it and it is really impressive. I don't understand the technology of a chip but like CPU and GPU, I believe it will get faster and hopefully, we can get the inference speed down to 1 second consistently.