Beyond Megahertz: Startup's CPU Design Puts Power Consumption on a Diet

Who would have thought that in the age of AI, hardware would become interesting. Although this story is not directly related to AI, I've found AI has brought a spotlight on chip manufacturing.

Software has been king for the longest time, but AI has brought a new focus on hardware and software working together. There is some exciting news coming from Efficient Computer Corporation, as they claim that their processors are 100x more efficient than state-of-the-art low-power CPUs.

Paul Gillin writes for SiliconAngle

Efficient’s architecture eliminates much of that overhead by moving decisions about parallel processing to its purpose-built compiler and using spatial parallelism. That’s a method of executing different instructions at the same physical time but in different locations on the processor.

It will be intriguing to see how Efficient Compute disrupts the existing state of affair so in the semiconductor industry. Fun time ahead for sure.