Can Watching a Video at 2x Speed Benefit Learning?

According to some new research, watching videos at 2x the speed can improve learning, but within some limits.

First, the team assigned 231 student participants to watch two YouTube videos (one on real estate appraisals and the other on the Roman Empire) at normal speed, 1.5x speed, 2x speed or 2.5x speed. They were told to watch the videos in full screen mode and not to pause them or take any notes. After each video, the students took comprehension tests, which were repeated a week later. The results were clear: the 1.5x and 2x groups did just as well on the tests as those who’d watched the videos at normal speed, both immediately afterwards and one week on. Only at 2.5x was learning impaired.

I typically watch videos at 1.5x the speed, so I can get through them faster, especially when studying for an exam. If you time your ‘watch time’ right, you can get some immediate benefits. Couple this with note-taking and it should give you a nice boost.