Can’t Find Your Desktop?

Interested in lowering the cost of your desktop footprint? Why not run your desktops in the cloud?

Save time and money when performing the annual corporate desktop refresh. Provision new workspaces and keep system patched more often.

On March 10, VMware launched VMware Horizon Desktop as a Service (DaaS). A new cloud-based desktop service running on VMware vCloud Hybrid solution. Along with VMware’s current on-premises virtual desktop solution called Horizon View. Horizon DaaS extends the reach of the virtual desktop to folks who thought virtual desktops were too expensive.

You can scale up or scale down your virtual desktops in this new model, schools come to mind as a good use case, no more buying for x number of students when you actually get y. The OPEX model that allows you to pay for what you use.

Google and VMware recently announced they were joining forces to modernize the desktop for the cloud era, accessing windows applications, data, and desktops using Google Chromebooks. This has caused me to take note and I plan on buying a Chromebook and taking DaaS for a test drive.

“Google Chromebooks can save businesses about $5,000 per computer when compared to traditional PCs,”

Amit Singh, President of Google Enterprise

Pick your flavor

VMware has two options, one for a knowledge worker and the other power users. The specs are decent and I think a good start, lets see how things develop as users begin to use the platform.


VMware Horizon DaaS

VMware Horizon DaaS is available immediately from VMware or through select channel partners and resellers in the United States with global expansion expected later in the year.

VMware Horizon DaaS vs Amazon WorkSpaces

Earlier this year, Amazon surprised everyone with a Desktop as a service offering, although this is still in limited preview, it looks like VMware has made headway on the mind share and may have the early mover advantage.

Offerings from both companies look comparable, with pricing ranging from 35 – 50 dollars for the VMware DaaS and 35 – 70 dollars for the Amazon DaaS.

Test Drive** VMware Horizon DaaS

Interested in taking it for a test drive today, experience a VMware Horizon DaaS cloud-hosted virtual desktop! 7 Day FREE TRIAL in 60 Seconds.

Is this the year of VDI or DaaS? Do you have plans to implement this technology? Let me know on Twitter, and thanks for reading!