Chrome Extensions I Use Daily

One of the things I like about modern browsers is the ability to add extensions. Google Chrome by far, outpaces all other browsers regarding extensions available. An extension is a browser plugin that adds functionality to your browser without having the leave it.

Here is a quick video from Google that explains what an extension does.

Here are my most often used browser extensions on Google Chrome, listed in no particular order.


Since converting to Trello, I found using this extension is the easiest way to create Trello cards right from Chrome without having to login into Trello and entering the data manually.


I’ve written about Instapaper and how I enjoy this product. Find a web page you want like and want to read later? Just click the Instapaper app, and it will add it to your queue for viewing later.

Evernote Web Clipper

This extension will let you save about anything to Evernote for viewing or processing at a later time. This extension does so much that it can replace a couple of my list. This tool is also perfect for collecting research items for blogs – hint, hint.


I’ve always enjoyed using to shorten my URLs links, and this is a great time saver. Also going one step further, you can set up a branded short domain. I’ve done that for my links; you will see my in my links, nice way to build brand awareness. If you are interested, here is a link to help you get started with a branded domain.


For social media scheduling, nothing beats buffer, simple to use and efficient. When I see something I want to share on social; I just click buffer, and the message gets crafted. It also works with third-party tools as well, like, so you don’t have to leave buffer to create a link.


Excellent extension for checking your grammar. Works with many products such as Office, Gmail, etc. Like a second set of eyes reading your material for correct grammar.

Extension’s I no longer use

I’ve written about this in the past, and as workflows change so do my preferences. Here is a couple that were on my list last time that I no longer use.

It was my To-Do extension, good product, but I’ve transitioned to Trello.


Which was a distraction-free reading tool, has been discontinued by Evernote. It’s included in the web clipper.

What extensions do you use, that you could not live without? Let me know on Twitter, and thanks for reading.