Cisco UCS Manager KVM Console and Java

I recently upgraded Java on my Windows 7 PC to version 7 update 21 – feels like I am constantly doing this. Once the installation was completed – everything seemed to be fine, or so I thought. Using Google Chrome, when I tried using my UCS Manager KVM Console software, I started getting the following error.

UCS Launch

Cannot run program “C:\Progam”: CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified

Then I tried to connect using the KVM console within the general UCS console, got the same error message, of course, it's linked to the same application. So, I went searching and found what, I think, is the solution.

The Fix

I found a solution document on the Cisco UCS support site, – UCS Manager Error Opening KVM Console After Java Upgrade. It Turns out that the version of JAVA I downloaded does not recognize the space between C:\Program Files\… installation path. I re-installed the latest version, I opted to change the installation directory and remove C:\Program Files.. and replace it with C:\JAVA\… and my system is now working!

Java Launch

I suspect that with the next release of JAVA this will be fixed, but for the moment I am happy to have found a solution.

Have you run into this error? Please let me know on Twitter and thanks for reading.