Code and Cables: My Evolving Network Home, Version 5

I love a home lab as the next person and after reading this from Giulio Magnifico I feel inspired to start again. I've had several home labs and also leveraged the cloud for resources. But it might be time to rethink doing an on-prem lab once again.

Giulio Magnifico writes on his blog

Let me put it this way: I’m often caught between doing (new) things and writing about them. Honestly, I’d rather dive into solving problems and making improvements than document what I’ve done, due to this, as soon as I solve one problem, my mind jumps to a next thing, which means I rarely stop to take my time to write about it. And I end up with a bunch of topics piling up, and it takes me weeks to sort them all out. So I’m sorry for the delay, but I’m really passionate about sharing, because I believe in an open internet where everyone helps each other as members of a (sort of) community. And also because It’s the way I’ve learned, continue to learn, and will learn.

This version 5 of his lab is the best so far. I think you will enjoy reading his post, it has plenty of screenshots and examples to follow. Let me know if you have a home lab on X and share a link to a photo or blog post where you write about it. This is the best way to learn.