Could Cloud Computing Actually be Costing you More Money?

Cloud teams need to work closely with their finance teams to provide visibility into what your organization’s cloud usage is costing and find ways to optimize the spend.

David Linthicum writes at InforWorld

Without cloud spending visibility and insights, you’re basically driving a car without a dashboard. You don’t how fast you’re going or when you’re about to run out of gas. A guessing game turns into a big surprise when cloud spending is way above what everyone initially thought. That sucking sound you hear is the value that you thought cloud computing would bring now leaving the business.

I agree with David and as part of any cloud program there needs to be visibility into what is being used, how much and by whom as well as where to optimize. As David also points out:

The overall objective is to have more business value from fewer cloud computing dollars.

What are you currently using for cloud observability? Do you know your cloud spend? Let me know on Twitter.