Alternative virtualization disrupts VMware's dominance, reshaping industry dynamics

I think the reality is starting to settle in for folks who are big VMware advocates.

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols writes for Computerworld

Why? According to Forrester analysts, their customers "are exhausted by significant price hikes, degrading support, and forced mandatory subscription to software bundles where some modules such as NSX and Aria Suite/vRealize Suite end up as shelfware."

The VMware of today is not the same as the VMware of a couple of years ago. VMware at its core has always been great, but the surrounding products were just a collection of acquisitions and add-ons that folks never really took advantage of.

The changes at VMware should not be of surprise, since Broadcom needs to streamline and extract value from the purchase.

Broadcom has killed more than 56 VMware products and platforms, including such favorites as VMware vSphere+, VMware Aria Suite, and VMware NSX. It will also be dumping VMware's "end-user" computing unit, which includes its Workspace ONE and Horizon offerings.

I have always encouraged folks not to get locked into one vendor, but have options.

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