Data Storm: How Cloud Behemoths Will Capture 60% of the AI Server Market in 2024

This is staggering. I guess we all expected the cloud vendors to be at the leading edge of AI and the consumption of the chips needed to run AI, but WOW.

Prasanth Aby Thomas writes for Network World

Microsoft, Google, AWS, and Meta will collectively account for over 60% of global demand for high-end AI servers in 2024, according to a report from Trendforce.

Microsoft will account for 20.2% of the demand, followed by Google at 16.6%, AWS at 16%, and Meta at 10.8%.

I suspect the cloud vendors will be the platform that current and future startups build upon. Isn't that the only way to get the most bang for your dollar. Let's see how this all plays out in 2024.

I do think that AMD is the sleeper in the category, as they are building affordable chips and improving them with each release.