Echoes of Discontent: Broadcom CEO Chronicles VMware's Transition Pains

Folks are still feeling the pain from the Broadcom/VMware acquisition.

The goal has always been to add to the bottom line of Broadcom, and there is nothing wrong with that. You as a technology leader in your organization need to always be evaluating tech so you can pivot if needed.

Scharon Harding writes for Ars Technica

For example, after buying VMware, Broadcom took over the top 2,000 VMware accounts from VMware channel partners. In a March earnings call, Tan said that Broadcom has been focused on upselling those customers. He also said Broadcom expects VMware revenue to grow double-digits quarter over quarter for the rest of the fiscal year.

There will likely be more changes in the months ahead, so do your best to be prepared, stay informed and demand more from your account teams as you are going through this transition.