Effortlessly Organize Your Thoughts: A Guide to Splitting Up Those Lengthy Notes

Sebastien Dubois has put together an excellent guide on how to create atomic notes.

I suspect you might be like me and just jot notes down using the linear note-taking method. The challenge here is: There is so much value locked in your notes that you will never be able to maximize its value.

Some downsides to long notes

While long notes are sometimes useful or unavoidable, their drawbacks in the context of Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) systems are clear. They hinder quick retrieval, contribute to cognitive overload, impede the creation of a connected knowledge network, limit the system's flexibility, and are less suitable for sharing.

Going from linear to networked or connected notes is where you will unlock that value. Sebastien outlines several characteristics of atomic notes, and I think the two that resonate with me are specificity and linkability. This will help generate your knowledge graph.

His post goes through an example of creating an atomic note and guides you through the framework.