Be in Control & Express Yourself with elementary OS 6

Be in Control & Express Yourself with elementary OS 6

This release contintues the tradition of keeping things simple and easy to use yet full of innovation and feature rich

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My primary Linux distro at the moment is elementary OS 5.1. I’ve been using it for the last three months and I’ve enjoyed it. It’s easy to use, clean design and I don’t need to install any codecs to watch videos on YouTube and Twitter, it just works. Elementary OS is a distribution based on Ubuntu, which was my distro before elementary OS.

I know folks have been waiting patiently for the 6.0 release and guess what, it’s here and it was worth the wait. According to Cassidy James Blaede the focus for this release was in three main areas but I think the one that stands out for me is “Empowering you to be in control and express yourself.”

With their re-statement to commitment to privacy, new colours and styles so you can make elementary OS feel more like the way you want with the 6.0 release being the most customizable in terms of changing the look and feel. My favourite is the sandboxing & portals features.

Cassidy James Blaede wrote on the elementary OS blog

elementary OS 6 leverages cutting-edge sandboxing technology to enforce privacy and security protections at a technical level. In OS 6, all AppCenter apps are now packaged and distributed as Flatpaks, a modern container format that keeps apps siloed away from each other—and your sensitive data. Several default elementary OS apps are now being distributed as Flatpaks as well.

In addition, elementary OS 6 utilizes Portals to keep you in control of how apps interact with each other and your data. Apps must explicitly request permission in a well-defined way e.g. to get access to files or launch other apps. A new Permissions view in System SettingsApplications exposes all the permissions apps have requested and gives you control to override or revoke them.

The trick here is to have the strongest level of security without it getting in your way of doing your work. I like to think of this as invisible security. This release is jam-packed and I am certainly looking forward to downloading and installing this version.

Oh and there is a new typeface, it’s called Inter I think it works great and most important it’s free and open source. In case you did not know I am really into fonts and typefaces.