EVO:RACK Tech Preview VMworld 2014

This is exciting to see, a hyperconverged product EVO:RACK from VMware. This is the beginning of the true software-defined data center (SDDC) that we all talk about. This will start new discussion on how to design and operate data centers for the future.

According to the VMware Cloud Foundation Blog:

Today at VMworld 2014, we also revealed a new technology preview of VMware EVO:RACK, a hyper-converged infrastructure project. The technology demonstrated in VMware EVO:RACK can dramatically simplify how companies buy, deploy, and operate Software-Defined Data Centers, helping IT organizations rapidly provision applications and services at data center scale.

Designed as a hyper-converged infrastructure solution that can scale to tens of racks; EVO:RACK meets the increasing demands of private clouds at medium-to-large enterprises. It can run on a range of pre-integrated hardware configurations ranging from Open Compute Project-based hardware designs to industry-standard OEM servers and converged infrastructure.

We are now starting to see the vision of a software-defined data center come together with EVO:RAIL and now EVO:RACK. This is certainly an exciting time to be in IT. This will improve your time to build, deploy and operate technology in the data center. It looks like IaaS and VDI will be the first workloads for the platform.

Is EVO:RAIL or RACK something you will be considering for your data center? Are you still running technology in silos? Let me know what you think about this announcement on Twitter and thanks for reading.