Formula 1’s McLaren team is using A.I. for Smarter Decisions

I always knew Formula 1 was more about technology than the personalities. Teams are in a constant feedback loop looking for ways to improve and gain a slight edge over their competition with data.

Stephanie Cain writes in Fortune

Racing at speeds of more than 200 miles per hour requires extremely quick decision-making, which is why McLaren uses Splunk, a software platform designed to analyze big data. James Hodge, Splunk’s chief strategy adviser, explains that Splunk streams data in real time from each race car’s 300 sensors, which monitor details including fuel levels, tire pressure, speed, and battery health. Those sensors generate more than a terabyte and a half of data each race weekend.

Over the course of a Formula 1 season, it tops out at 11.8 billion telemetry data points, derived from more than 440 car configurations and approximately 6,300 track laps.

Correlating this data and presenting meaningful information to teams can be a competitive advantage.