Game Changer Alert! Qualcomm's Surprising Reentry into Server CPU Battle

The more chips the better, and this seems like an interesting move by Qualcomm.

Ron Amadeo writes at Ars Technica

Qualcomm is apparently plotting a return to the server chip market. The company is overhauling its CPU offerings after acquiring the upstart chip design company Nuvia in 2021. Nuvia was founded by three high-ranking engineers from Apple's chip division, with the original goal of designing ARM server chips (though it never launched a product). After Qualcomm bought the company, it seemingly pivoted its new chip division from server chips to laptops and phones. Now, according to a new report from Bloomberg, Nuvia's original goal of building server chips will be allowed to continue.

I suspect that the talent Qualcomm picked up here will certainly give them a head start getting back into the server CPU market. Apple has surprised me with their chip development and the speed at which they have been able to execute. Let’s see how this plays out.