Get Ready to Be Amazed: Meta's Ambitious Quest with 350K Nvidia GPUs!

This is pretty crazy, in terms of mind-blowing and expensive.

Meta will be buying 350,000 GPUs from Nvidia to build out their AGI or artificial general intelligence infrastructure. This is in addition to their already 600,000 equivalents.

Mike Wheatley writes in SiliconANGLE

In order to get there, Meta will need to make a significant investment in its AI computing infrastructure, hence its plans to acquire mountains of powerful H100 GPUs from Nvidia. The H100 chip is Nvidia’s most advanced ever, and is said to be particularly adept at training the large language models that power generative AI such as ChatGPT.

This will certainly push the price of those GPUs up, as other cloud providers will likely do the same. This will also crowd out smaller AI startups from gaining access to those GPUs, I suspect.