Get Started with VMware Cloud Ready Framework

If you are running a vSphere environment, and are keen on moving to the cloud, the VMware Cloud Read Framework should accelerate your journey. Providing you with the guidance needed in different stages of your move from Plan, Build, Secure, Modernize and Operate.

As Emad Younis writes on the VMware Cloud Blog

Today we are excited to introduce the VMware Cloud Ready Framework (VMCRF) with the release of this initial whitepaper which establishes the core foundation and the general direction of this new framework. The VMware Cloud Ready Framework will introduce the following VMware pillars: Plan, Build, Secure, Modernize and Operate. These pillars are the building blocks that will provide customers with technical guidance and a consistent approach to meet their organization’s business objectives and digital transformation initiatives.

These are the types of resources that I have leaned on in the past to get up to speed as quickly as possible. These resources tend to be prescriptive which I like. You can expect this resource to be continually updated throughout the year and it nice to see the first steps taken. Consider giving the whitepaper a read, even if you are not considering a move, consider this to be a learning resource.

Have you taken a glance at the VMware Cloud Ready Framework document? Is this something you find useful? Let me know on Twitter and thanks for reading.