Get up to speed on VMware Horizon Suite – Fast using this book

If you need to get up to speed on VMware’s End-User Computing solutions, then this book is for you – VMware Horizon Suite. It’s a complete guide to planning, configuring, and implementing VMware’s Horizon Suite. This book starts with an introduction to the elements that make up the Horizon Suite – View, Mirage and Workspace and then goes into the architecture needed for VMware View and Workspace.

Once you have an understanding of how the environments are designed, the next couple of chapters deal with the implementation of VMware View and Workspace and integrating the two. Further in the book, there is a chapter on Horizon Mirage architecture and installation.

One topic that is sometimes overlooked is the operations and management of the environments, but don’t worry this book has you covered, there is a section on View Operations and Management as well as Workspace Operations. The diagrams and examples help in the learning.

A couple of chapters that stood out for me were the section on Multimedia and how to get the best user experience, they talk about tuning and configuring. As well as the chapter on Integrating Lync and VMware View, it’s great to have those insights on what to look out for or tune to get the best user experience.

Finally, the book ends with Performance Monitoring of VMware View with several products on the market, and of course including the VMware vCenter Operations Manager View Adapter.

The book is filled with excellent diagrams that complement the text and are easy to read. The book not only focuses on the technology but also gets you to consider business use cases and objectives. Appendix A contains a design questionnaire worksheet, to help you to work through your design. This End-User Computing space is rapidly changing, and the authors have added a bonus e-chapter on application virtualization.

Overall a great book, it has helped me get a deeper understanding of what is needed to deliver a VMware Horizon Suite solution and offer the best user experience possible.

Have you read this book? Did it help you in some way? Let me know on Twitter, and thanks for reading.