Getting started with VCP-Cloud – Read the Official Cert Guide

Getting started with VCP-Cloud – Read the Official Cert Guide

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If you’re thinking about getting started with the VMware VCP-Cloud certification and not sure where to begin, The Official Cert Guide for VCP-Cloud from VMware Press is a great place to start. Authors Tom Ralph and Nathan Raper have put together an indispensable resource that easily explains terms and concepts to get you ready for the VCP-Cloud certification.

Moving through the chapters

At the beginning of each chapter is a “Do I Know This Already” quiz that helps you assess whether you can skip the chapter and focus on the exam preparation tasks at the end of the chapter or whether you need to read the entire chapter. I suggest doing the quiz and reading the chapter – there is always a gem that you don’t want to miss. One of the things I appreciate is the many screenshots that are found throughout the book. They help, as you try to do the tasks on your own or just following along in the text.

The end of each chapter is a summary followed by an “Exam Preparation Tasks”, which are a review of the key topics and a set of questions based on the chapter. Answers to all the exam questions can be found at the end of the book along with a glossary of terms.

The book comes with a DVD, what’s on it?

I received the printed book and it came with a DVD, which included the Pearson IT Certification Practice Test Engine, once you install the software you have to activate it. It only runs on windows so, folks with a mac need to fire up Windows VM. I think this is a great addition, as it measures your readiness to write the exam.

Overall, what do you think?

This book is a must if you’re thinking about getting started with the VCP-Cloud certification. The book is easy to read, lots of screenshots and brings you from installation to deployment. Oh, and as the authors suggest early in the book, download the blueprint to ensure your studying the latest topics. Time for me to get studying.

Where can I get more information?

The book can be found at any online bookstore and Pearson. The blueprint and other certification material can be found here on the VMware certification site.

Have you purchased the book or taken the exam? Let me know how you did or how you enjoyed the book on Twitter and thanks for reading.