Google Cloud VMware Engine Catalyst Program

Google Cloud VMware Engine Catalyst Program

The Google Cloud Catalyst Program helps offset license costs when moving your VMware environment to the Google Cloud

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Google has just announced their Catalyst Program to help VMware users transition to the Google Cloud. Moving to the cloud is a complex task and understanding what licenses you need is an art on it’s own. Google is hoping to offset some of that cost with Google Cloud credits.

According to Erwan Menard and Manoj Sharma on the Google Cloud Blog:

Just over a year ago we launched Google Cloud VMware Engine to help enterprises easily migrate their VMware workloads to Google Cloud. Since then, we helped retailers, financial institutions, telcos, and other global customers move to Google Cloud to lower their total cost of ownership (TCO) and modernize their applications with Google Cloud services. To help more VMware users ease their transition to the cloud, we’re excited today to announce the Catalyst Program.

You do need to apply to the program and work through the details but on the surface I can see how this makes sense to get folks started. Essentially you are receive cloud credits for their past investment in VMware licenses toward purchase of Google Cloud VMware Engine and other Google Cloud offerings. It’s also nice to see that it applies to new or existing Google Cloud customers.

Do you have any VMware services on Google Cloud? Does this program interest you? Let me know on Twitter and thanks for reading.