Google Cloud VMware Engine

Google Cloud VMware Engine now allows you to run your VMware environment in Google Cloud. It’s a fully managed service and expected to be ready this quarter. This solution is built on VMware Cloud Foundation stack and also offers HCX for migration. Using the Google Cloud Console you can migrate or extend your on-prem environment.

According to June Yang on the Google Cloud Blog

Last summer, we announced support for customers to run VMware workloads on Google Cloud, and we have made significant progress since then. In the fall we acquired CloudSimple to provide customers a fully integrated VMware-based solution, and today we’re proud to announce another significant milestone—Google Cloud VMware Engine, an integrated first-party offering with end-to-end support to migrate and run your VMware environment in Google Cloud. This fully managed service is expected to be generally available this quarter out of two US regions, expanding into additional Google Cloud regions globally in the second half of the year.

For those of you who use Google Cloud as your primary cloud provider this is an exciting time as you can leverage Google’s scale. It’s also exciting for those that have a multicloud strategy and want to connect to another cloud. Since it’s a managed service Google will take care of the lifecycle of the VMware stack and all upgrades. Once less burden your for your local IT teams.

Google has some of the leading cloud services that you can also consider taking advantage of like BigQuery, Anthos, and Cloud AI.

This quarter Google will offer this service in two regions North Virginia (us-east4) and Los Angeles (us-west2) with more on the way after that. This is certainly exciting times for cloud.

Are you a Google Cloud customer? Are you interested in using the Google Cloud VMware Engine service? Let me know on Twitter and thanks for reading.