GPU Revolution: Nvidia Surges Past Google to Claim Global Tech Throne

It's remarkable to see companies in the Trillions in terms of valuations. I never thought I would see that in my lifetime. The AI craze is spurring the growth, and to see NVIDIA's market cap beat out Amazon, and Google is incredible.

Rom Amadeo writes in Ars Technica

Nvidia used to be a gaming GPU company, but the company's value has absolutely skyrocketed thanks to the AI craze and a GPU's value in accelerating AI workloads. A few purpose-built chips later, like the H100 Tensor Core GPU (with a price of $25,000-$40,000!) and A100, and Nvidia's stock is up 50 percent this year. At press time, Nvidia's market cap is now $1.8 trillion, beating Amazon ($1.76 trillion) and Google's parent company, Alphabet ($1.77 trillion), to become the world's fourth most valuable company.

This is just the start, as AI chips are getting harder to acquire, that will just drive the price up and the value of NVIDIA to the moon. I will be interested to see if the competitors will be able to create their own chips, like Apple does.