How One Simple Trick Can Help You Maintain Your Healthy Routine

It's a new year and with that comes new goals, so let's hit the gym. In this day and age, folks are looking for immediate results and if they don't see progress they tend to give up. One technique that Scott suggests is Progress Incrementally, as change takes time.

Scott Gilbertson writes in WIRED

The far better, and more encouraging, plan is to run a little bit more today than you did yesterday. No matter what your system is, do a little bit more than last time, even if it's only a tiny bit more. Read 21 pages instead of 20 pages, walk for 11 minutes instead of 10, and so on. Incremental progress is the goal.

Tracking your progress will also help motivate you to keep at it. Never compare yourself to someone in the present but rather when they started, and you will see change takes time.