Infraquake: VMware Drops 56 Tools in Major Shake-Up

This makes so much sense.

Over the years, through acquisitions and organic growth, many folks felt the VMware portfolio was bloated. So many products causing confusion for customers in terms of really understanding what they needed to build out a software defined data centre (remember that term).

The Stack Blog

Broadcom said that it is simplifying VMware’s portfolio to “a few offers focused on our best technology”. Products getting the chop include network and security virtualization platform NSX; application mobility platform HCX; “multi-cloud” platform bundle vSphere+ and many more.

I'm not sure why past leadership teams did not consider a scaling down of product SKUs. I am not sure why Dell did not make a similar move when they owned VMware. Product clarity is important because this also helps narrow down R&D investments, making it more impactful.