Is Facebook’s Data Center To Big For The Netherlands?

Hyperscale data center’s need a lot of energy to run. Folks in a small town in the Netherlands are concerned that a new data centre from Facebook will drain energy from their green energy supply and leave residents with a shortfall.

Meta’s data center is “too big for a small town like Zeewolde,” says Schaap, who has become one of the project’s most vocal opponents. “There are 200 data centers in the Netherlands already,” she argues, and the move would give huge swathes of farmland to just one company, “which is not fair.”

Like Schaap, other residents of Zeewolde are outraged that Meta has chosen their town for its first gigantic data center in the Netherlands. They claim the company will be allowed to syphon off a large percentage of the country’s renewable energy supply to power porn, conspiracy theories, and likes on Meta’s social platforms.