Is UltraRAM the Next Big Thing?

This just might be the evolution of RAM and SSD, the combination of volatile RAM with non-volatile SSD.

Scientists at the Physics and Engineering Department of the UK’s Lancaster University described in a research paper (via Tom’s Hardware) a next-gen version of non-volatile RAM, aptly named UltraRAM, that could store files without being fed power yet harness the speed of DRAM. One day, this “best of both worlds” component could serve as both the storage and memory of a computer, which is why it is being dubbed a “universal” memory type.

This can become a universal memory type that will serve both the memory and storage of a computer. I’ll be interested to see how this works in a virtualized environment.

Link to ULTRARAM: A Low-Energy, High-Endurance, Compound-Semiconductor Memory on Silicon research paper.