It's Time to Take Back Control of Your Digital Footprint!

Did you know that our data is often sold without our knowledge?

Having someone remove your data from data brokers is invaluable and time saving service that I am glad Mozilla is offering.

We all signup for emails lists, websites, etc but I suspect we don't give much thought to what happens with our data. The sharing of our data is something I have been more concerned about in recent years.

Wes Davis writes at The Verge

Mozilla is introducing a new paid subscription privacy monitoring service called Mozilla Monitor Plus. For $8.99 a month under its annual subscription, Mozilla says it will automatically keep a lookout for your information at over 190 sites where brokers sell information they’ve gathered from online sources like social media sites, apps, and browser trackers, and when your info is found, it will automatically try to get it removed.

I have used one of these services in the past and it has removed about 95% of the spam I get. But more than, it's the security of knowing your data is not being sold or shared with people that should not have.

I would strongly suggest you consider this service from Mozilla. I also agree with the author that you want to get this service from a trustworthy company.