Linux 6.0 Release Candidate is Ready

Linux 6.0 release candidate version 1 (rc-1) has been released, but don’t expect any major updates.

Liam Tung writes at ZDNET

On Sunday’s release of Linux 6.0 release candidate version 1 (rc-1), he explained his reasoning behind choosing a new major version number and its purpose for developers. Again, it’s about avoiding confusion rather than signaling that the release has major new features. His threshold for changing the lead version number was .20 because it is difficult to remember incremental version numbers beyond that.

“Despite the major number change, there’s nothing fundamentally different about this release – I’ve long eschewed the notion that major numbers are meaningful, and the only reason for a ‘hierarchical; numbering system is to make the numbers easier to remember and distinguish,” said Torvalds.

It seems that most updates are improvements to the GPU, networking and sound.