Linux-Powered Innovation in Mainframe Computing

Many folks think the mainframe is obsolete as new technologies come online each year. I’m glad to see that the Open Mainframe Project is driving awareness around the mainframes staying power and flexibility.

Michael Cooney writes in NetworkWorld

With that in mind the Open Mainframe Project, part of the Linux Foundation, this week said at its Open Mainframe Summit that it was forming a working group to promote mainframe-modernization efforts and that it had acqured its own Big Iron to spur future development.

The working group will create a common definition and framework defining what mainframe modernization should look like and promote open-source development on the Big Iron.

I know companies that have created Linux partitions on their mainframe and moved applications away from physical servers to those mainframe partitions and saved money. I would not count mainframes out just yet.

I'm always cautioning folks against technology bias. You need to do what is right for the business.