Manage Blog Content with Trello

Trello is an all-time favourite for any blogger worth, of course, for good reasons. Imagine a free tool that you could use to do almost everything for your business with so little effort. Trello is an intuitive yet simple, standout marketing tool that will make your content marketing a bliss.

Okay, let’s rewind.

If you are hearing about Trello for the first time, get some notebook and a cup of coffee.

Every blogger is familiar with the problems and responsibilities that come from starting an own blog. You need people to find you on search engines. You need to set up a custom domain or back up your domain. You may not have a good handle on the comments section, and people running wild on your blog ain’t the best way to amp up your reach.

And maybe the worst scenario is planning to put up a new blog post but for some weird reasons, you just keep pushing it. Procrastinating. Did you know this has nothing to do with your time or schedule? And everything to do with keeping track effectively of all your ideas and resources?

Cue the drumroll because I got some good news for you. You do not need to do all this by yourself. You could easily use a web-based project management application like Trello to handle your blog content.

So how do bloggers and other business content creators manage their blog posts ideas?

Well, we all have different “systems” that help us manage our ideas. Analog or digital. But none of these beats Trello. Trello proves to be very useful and fun in managing your blog in the following ways:

It can adapt to any workflow

As a blog content creator, it may be almost impossible to stick to one line of an idea from the start to the end of your blog. That kind of rigidity can also cause the death of your blog as people hate to follow through repeated ideas. People just get tired. Call it human nature if you like.

Trello can smoothly adapt to any workflow. It will help you streamline and manage your blog to get content out faster. With Trello, you could make a list, create a card or input all the media you would want to consume in a single dashboard. This way, you can leverage workflow for an amped reach. Whatever you need for your blog, Trello has got your back.

In case you want to take a creative turn in your blog, Trello helps you to organize your ideas into a plot and insert character notes. It uses a digital index card that is easily searchable and shareable. It is flexible enough to handle any writing style that is from lists to short story development.

That is to say, if you stumble upon a lot of content, Trello will take all your links and effectively collate them for future blog ideas.

This brings me to my next point.

Most blog writers add a special feature in their blog where they put a collection of products. It could be books recommended for purchase, paintings, brushes, wallpapers, expensive wines or games. Trello helps the blog content creators to organize their collections for easier visual tracking by site visitors.

One of the best features of Trello is that it allows the user to easily manage their projects and tasks. As a blog content creator, you need to have a plan of action for easy workflow. Trello allows you to organize your activities in the following categories and more:

This list allows for proper planning and you will barely leave any project undone.

Creative systems for an easier blogging experience

A successful blog is heavily reliant on the content delivered. There has to be some truth in what you focus on, or your blog may be dismissed as propaganda or mere hot air. Trello's cards are an effective way of compiling your research. It eliminates the confusion of writing something down on a paper that could be lost along with the researched idea. Once you find something new, you can add it to the card and this will act as the next idea for a project.

Trello is a content marketing king

Don’t you hate it when you lose a book that had the majority of your ideas? No need to fret. Trello provides a digital forum for permanently storing your information. All your current plans and next moves are stored online and are easily accessible whenever you need them. Sounds pretty wonderful, right?

Well, that’s not all. Trello will help you streamline your content marketing strategies and ensure that you get the much-needed traffic to your blog. By having everything in one place, well collated and organized; it becomes pretty easy to track your progress, communicate effortlessly with your team and keep things updated. Collaborative projects are made easier to work on.

Get a better handle on content

Sit down, relax, and let your creative juices flow as you create new content for your blog. When you are done, leave it to the pros to handle the dirty work of managing the blog content. Leave it to Trello. It’s difficult to beat. It's super flexible and easy to use, it's tons of features. It’s free.

Do you use Trello to manage your blog content calendar, content ideas or move a post from start to finish? How do you manage your workflow? Please let me know on Twitter, and thanks for reading!