My Home Lab is Built on Invisible Infrastructure

Nutanix announced something super cool today – You can run their free community edition software in the clouds, yes on AWS or Google Cloud platforms through Ravello Systems. What a cool way to experience using the Nutanix software, without the initial investment of lab gear. That’s what I call “Invisible Infrastructure” indeed.

This video is an excellent resource for those who need a jumpstart with using Nutanix Community Edition on-demand through Ravello Systems.

Ravello allows for nested virtualization, thanks to a distributed hypervisor infrastructure called HVX, which enables you to encapsulate VMware or KVM based multi-tier applications and deploy them on AWS or Google Cloud without making any changes.

Invisible infrastructure for the price of a coffee

Imagine, you can now get started with a Nutanix environment on a public cloud for less than the price of a cup of coffee. If you were curious about Nutanix Community Edition, it has become generally available to everyone – so consider downloading community edition for your home lab or try it out on the public cloud through Ravello.

Some links of interest, include;

Have you run Community Edition in your home lab? Thinking about trying Community Edition in the public cloud, I would love to hear about your experience, let me know on Twitter and thanks again for reading.