New AWS EC2 Instance for High-Performance Computing

If you are doing any kind of High-Performance Computing, it looks like you can now leverage the power of the AMD EPYC CPU in AWS. Amazon has just released a new EC2 instance (hpc6) for HPC workloads.

According to Amazon, the new 3.6 GHz AMD processors combine with up to 384GB of memory and 100 Gbps of Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA) (also available in m6a instances) networking bandwidth to support cost-effective, scalable deployments for HPC clusters at scales of up to “tens of thousands of cores.” The company expects the new offering to appeal to clients who are processing tasks across a variety of diverse industries, including genomics, computational fluid dynamics, weather forecasting, molecular dynamics, computational chemistry, financial risk modeling, computer-aided engineering, and seismic imaging.