OpenStack Victoria Released

OpenStack Victoria was released on October 14, 2020 and is the 22nd release of OpenStack, the open source cloud software. It was interesting to see that contributions came from close to 800 people, 45 countries and 160 organizations.

OpenStack is developed and released around 6-month cycles, and this project stable branch will be maintained for 18 months. The next release of OpenStack is Wallaby and it’s scheduled for release April 14, 2021.

Some notable enhancements in OpenStack Victoria are:

Additional native integration with Kubernetes

Support for diverse architectures and standards

Solutions for complex networking issues

You can hear about the announcements here in the Keynote.

Some cool updates and still lots of interest in this platform. Let me know on Twitter if you have OpenStack deployed in your environment or if you moved to a different platform. Thanks for reading!