Opt-In AI: Apple's Latest Dance with Digital Consent

I am really excited to see what Apple does at their WWDC next week. They seem to be behind in the AI race, but if reports are to be trusted, then they will be making moves next week.

Andrew Cunningham writes for Ars Technica

Gurman says that the "Apple Intelligence" features will include an OpenAI-powered chatbot, but it will otherwise focus on "features with broad appeal" rather than "whiz-bang technology like image and video generation." These include summaries for webpages, meetings, and missed notifications; a revamped version of Siri that can control apps in a more granular way; Voice Memos transcription; image enhancement features in the Photos app; suggested replies to text messages; automated sorting of emails; and the ability to "create custom emoji characters on the fly that represent phrases or words as they're being typed."

One interesting move that stood out in the article is that Apple will make the new AI features opt-in by default. Let's see how that plays out.