Production-Ready and Pumped Up: OpenTofu Is Changing the Game

You've got an alternative to Terraform. OpenTofu, an open source infrastructure as code tool, to choose from. 

It's a community-powered open source fork of Terraform and managed by the Linux Foundation. Terraform recently changed how they license their software, which has made many people want to find a different option. This is a great time to explore this new offering.

Open source contributors really give you a sense of what is top of mind for users. Contributors are often people using the software and suggesting or adding new features that help everyone.

Kuba Martin gives an example of how quickly contributions are actioned on the OpenTofu blog

Just to name an example, an RFC for client-side state encryption, a headline feature we wanted to have in OpenTofu, has been submitted by a community member - the same one who was trying to bring it to Terraform for years. Over the span of multiple months they worked to polish the PoC and RFC, involving many community members in the discussions. This RFC has recently been accepted and we’re collaborating with the RFC author to get it into OpenTofu 1.7. Thank you!

If you are interested in getting started, there is a migration guide available. Give it a go in your lab. I always mention to folks when testing software, don't just install it and say it works. Have some objectives you want to achieve and measure against them. Then decide if this is for you. Have fun!