Protect Your Privacy: How Safari's 'Hide My Email' Works

One of the best features Apple released in the last few years is 'hide my email'.

I suspect many of you would disagree with me, but this one feature has reduced my email (including spam) by at least 50%. I constantly use it for newsletters, subscriptions and downloading marketing material.

What is Hide My Email?

Hide My Email generates unique, random email addresses that automatically forward to your personal inbox. Each address is unique to you. You can read and respond directly to emails sent to these addresses and your personal email address is kept private.

I recently had an issue where I was not being prompted with a hide my email popup when clicking on the space to add your email. I know we as geeks like to tweak our systems, so I suspected that I did something to remove it.

After spending some time trying to figure it out, I found the solution in this Apple tech note and wanted to share here in case some else in the community has this issue. Funny enough, I found the solution in a note where someone had the reverse issue as me, they wanted to stop the popup.

Username Epiktistes supplied the solution

Select "Safari / Preferences / Autofill" and uncheck the box for autofill "Using information from my contacts". The "Hide my email" feature is on the same menu as email addresses in your contacts, and if you disable autofilling from your contacts, you'll disable "Hide my email" too.