Reclaim Your Future with SUSE Liberty Linux Lite as CentOS 7 Faces the End

If you are still running CentOS and not sure how to maintain it, SUSE has a solution that will calm those fears. SUSE Liberty Linux Lite for CentOS 7 will provide updates for security updates.

SUSE Newsroom

With SUSE Liberty Linux Lite for CentOS 7, organizations can continue running their existing CentOS 7 operating system environments with zero disruption, zero migrations and zero upgrades. With SUSE, there is no time-consuming migration path.  All customers need to do to receive updates and patches is simply change the pointer of CentOS to a SUSE Liberty Linux repository.  No other changes are required.

I know many IT departments that are still running CentOS and this new offering should help ease the CentOS 7 end of support deadline, which is June 30, 2024.

I think this is a nice bridge until you decide what to do with CentOS.