Red Hat 104 Linux Fundamentals: Your Gateway to Innovation

If you are new to Linux or looking to make a career upgrade, then Red Hat is offering a new course for the beginner. You may just want to take this course to see if Linux is for you.

Red Hat Blog

The RH104 Linux Fundamentals course is designed to provide just the necessary skills you need to confidently use a Linux system. If you’re a new Red Hat OpenShift admin because your infrastructure has moved to the cloud, then while you may not need to learn Linux, you might find that your job is a lot easier when you can perform dozens of tasks with just one oc command. Many cloud providers have custom commands to make a cloud admin’s life easier through the command-line. Feeling comfortable in a terminal is a super power.

I am seeing more and more folks learning Linux and becoming more efficient in their day-to-day work. You can also get started with their free download of Fedora for the desktop.