Say Goodbye to Chaos: The Ultimate Paper Planners for Productivity

I have always flipped flop between digital and analog planners.

I like the convenience of a planner on my phone that is always with me, but I also love the feel of pen and paper. This year I am going back to pen and paper with the extra benefit of spending less time on my phone. I am also going to be less perfect (nice text, formatted lines) in my planner, so I can be more creative with ideas.

If you need some ideas for a paper planner, WIRED has a good list you can browse for inspiration.

Medea Giordano writes at WIRED

BUYING A NEW planner gives me an endorphin rush like no other, whether it’s for a new school semester, work year, or a much-needed fresh start. A good one should help you stay on track without overwhelming you. Some folks on WIRED's Gear team prefer paper planners over digital tools. Plus, writing things down has the added benefit of improving retention.

As a side note, if you are wondering what I use, it's just a simple LEUCHTTURM1917 B5, hardcover. I am not following any productivity methods except just writing down what needs to get done and get busying doing it.