Say Goodbye to Silent Chats: X Introduces Immersive Audio and Video Calls!

Looks like X is rolling out their beta for making audio and video calls.

Filipe Espósito from 9to5Mac

With the new feature, users can make and receive audio and video calls using the X app. The feature is built into direct messaging and works in a similar way to other apps that support calls, such as WhatsApp and Instagram. Due to integration with the iOS CallKit API, you’ll see incoming calls on the Lock Screen, just like a regular call.

This sounded cool to me at first, but not sure if I will use it. If I understand it right, you can receive calls from people you follow. Imagine getting a call from a Tim Ferris who enjoys your X posts and wants to interview you on his podcast. That would be cool. Or a company wants to interview you for a job opening because they like the content you are producing. This could turn out to be a valuable feature, but we will have to wait and see.