Security Pros Remain Nervous About Going All In On The Cloud

The pandemic accelerated to move to the cloud for most companies, but IT pros still think on-prem is safer than the cloud.

In InformationWeek’s recent cloud security report, 52% of IT decision-makers whose company uses cloud services agree that their data is more secure on premises; only 19% disagree with that sentiment. And 55% of respondents prefer to keep sensitive data on prem, with only 16% disagreeing. Perhaps this concern is driven by the nearly universal belief (90% agree or strongly agree; only 1% disagree to any degree) that hackers will focus their efforts on cloud services this year. Indeed, we’re already seeing new cloud-based vulnerabilities in 2022, and last year revealed a burgeoning market in hacked cloud credentials.

The cloud does have a shared security model, which should be a forcing function to get IT and cloud security teams on the same page.