Stay Healthy with the Apple Watch

Out of the box, the Apple Watch can track your workouts, monitor your activity throughout the day and even count your steps and calories. Whether your main objective is doing cardio, losing weight, generally living a healthier life or monitoring your weight for medical reasons, this watch plus it’s in built workout applications can help you out. Read on to find out about 5 ways to stay healthy with the Apple Watch.

Track your activity

The watch is designed with a pre-installed activity application that can effectively monitor all the activity you do during the day when you are not exercising. The app contains 3 rings which represent various aspects of your movements. The exercise ring monitors how long you have spent on brisk activities, the stand ring monitors whether you have spent more than a minute standing during the day, while the move ring monitors how many calories you have burned. The rings can also show you the exact times of the day that you were standing, working out or eating.

The activity app sets a goal of 30 minutes of workout every day, which is the recommended time by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). It sends you alerts at various times during the day to remind you how close you are to achieving your exercise objective, and also sends alerts if you have not stood up for an hour or so. Additionally, there is a compatible application for your iPhone where you can not only view your progress, but also a history of your total workouts and activity.

As your Personal Trainer

Apart from just tracking your steps or reminding you to stand, the watch can also work as your personal trainer. It doesn’t matter whether you like using an elliptical machine, riding that stationery bike or running outdoors, your Apple Watch can monitor your overall performance and then help you to set realistic objectives that will help you enhance your general level of fitness.

The Apple Watch is also designed with high-tech sensors that can analyze distance covered, the number of calories burned and your speed so that it can evaluate your progress. The data is then stored in your health application on your IPhone, where you can easily share it with your doctor or be used to brag on social media among friends!

Motivating Feedback

Appealing feedback is a good motivator for staying fit and active, and this certainly didn't skip Apple’s developers mind. The watch will give you a summary of your workout every week, showing where you still need to work harder and where you had improvements. This information can provide you with a clear picture of your overall level of activity and where you need to work harder.

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Unlike the ordinary smartwatches you see out there, Apples’ developers went a notch higher with this Apple Watch. The watch can send you progress updates on your goals as well as reminders to move. It also offers more when it comes to analysis. For instance, it comes with high-quality sensors that can measure your heart rate when working out.

As a workout tracker

The sophisticated watch has another pre-installed application that allows users to track their workout, and keep track of their distance, heart rate, calories burned and pace . One notable demerit about the device is that it doesn’t have a GPS, so if you want to track your elevation changes or your exact running route, you will have to bring your iPhone along. This shouldn’t be a problem, as many people usually bring their smartphones with them when exercising.

Nonetheless, after a few weeks with the mobile phone, the watch will readjust itself to your workout routine, so the details and measurements it gives will be more accurate even without a phone. The watch is also compatible with many third-party workout applications such as Strava, Nike+running and Runstastic.

It's easier than ever

Although you can get most of these 5 capabilities with other related wearables and applications, this watch promises to give you all its great features in one streamlined and sleek gadget. Also, as a fitness tracking device, it will help to keep you on your toes while still letting you customize the amount of data and motivation you want to receive.

Do you use the Apple Watch to keep active? Any cool apps that you use with your watch? Please let me know on Twitter and let's all try to get in better shape this year!